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Day 1 – February 12, 2014

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Opening Keynote:

Why Bitcoins Cannot be Banned

There is much uncertainty as to whether the community or a larger group of States will prohibit once Bitcoins and what impact such a ban would has on the Bitcoin economy. Oliver Flaskämper shows why such a comprehensive ban is unlikely and what will happen instead.

Oliver Flaskämper, Geschäftsführer, Bitcoin Germany GmbH

09:30 – 10:15

Bitcoin in China

China burst into the scene in 2013, with a large number of customers trading CNY (or RMB). First the CNY trades to bitcoin overtook Euros and then USD. Why is the Chinese adoption so rapid? And what impact will it have in the rest of the global market? Join the CEO of, the largest bitcoin exchange in China and one of its early investors, and avid tech entrepreneur and investor in cross boarder tech companies.

Malcolm CasSelle, CEO, Timeline Labs Bobby Lee, CEO and co-founder, BTC China

10:15 – 10:45
Morning Coffee Break
10:45 – 11:30

Risky Bitness? How eCommerce Merchants Build Trust in Emerging Global Payment Systems

As Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies gain acceptance, their instantaneous, peer-to-peer and frictionless transactions hold great promise in helping online merchants worldwide find new customers at higher margins. Absent traditional credit card chargebacks, however, the question of consumer protection becomes the next ʺHot Topic!ʺ Whether you are an eCommerce store interested in reducing abandoned shopping carts; an online gaming site interested in increasing traffic; or a nonprofit interested in lowering the barrier to donations; digital payment alternatives play a critical role in today’s flourishing ʺtrust economy.ʺ Join a lively discussion about trends in establishing consumer protection and trust with new global payment systems.

Steve Beauregard, CEO & Founder,

11:30 – 12:00

Next Generation
Bitcoin Exchanges: Bringing Bitcoin to Professional Investors

As Bitcoin increasingly attracts professional and institutional investors, new types of exchanges are required which meet their needs. Bits of Proof develops exchanges that set new standards in auditability and security of customer holdings.

Tamás Blummer, Founder and CEO, Bits of Proof Adam Cleary, Director and Chief Executive, Cavenham Capital Limited

12:00 – 12:15

Announcing the Global Bitcoin Alliance

The Global Bitcoin Alliance is a decentralised, bottom-up network of non-for-profit organisations that promote and protect Bitcoin. It already has member organisations in Europe, Asia and South America and will go public on February 12.

Aaron Koenig, Managing Director, Bitfilm and Organizer, Bitcoin Exchange Berlin (BXB) Ron Gross, Executive Director, Mastercoin Foundation

12:15 – 13:00

Privacy, Speech, and Tech Policy in the Context of Bitcoin

Many early adopters of Bitcoin were attracted to the digital currency because it offered the promise of regulation-free financial transactions. It was more than a way to make money: it was rooted in a philosophy of freedom. But since those early days, the Bitcoin community has grappled with a range of digital civil liberties issues. Where should we draw the line between protecting against fraud and respecting the privacy and free expression rights of Bitcoin users? Should the Bitcoin community adopt new forms of regulation in hopes of avoiding backlash from governments? How do miners make choices that can affect the freedoms of all Bitcoin users? In this session, we will discuss issues surrounding Bitcoin and government surveillance, privacy law, and the free expression rights. We will position the Bitcoin community within the context of a global movement of disruptive technologies with the potential to safeguard individual rights. We’ll also discuss the ongoing policy battles around speech and privacy online, where Bitcoin fits into those fights, and how the Bitcoin community can work to protect the civil liberties of users.

Marcia Hofmann, Attorney

13:00 – 14:00
Lunch Break

Sponsored by Coinnext
Sponsored by Coinnext

14:00 – 15:15

New Ideas in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency represents the bleeding edge of financial tech, these folks represent the bleeding edge of Bitcoin. New business models, new use cases and lower fees than ever. This panel is made up of entrepreneurs and visionaries who are leading the charge into the future of money. They’ll share their successes, their failures and help spark new ideas along the way.

Brock Pierce, Managing Director, Crypto Currency Partners Speaker:
Wendell Davis, CEO, Humint and Founder, Hive Dolf Diederichsen, CEO & Co-Founder, Jan Goslicki, Co-founder, BitcoinsBerlin Mark Welle, Co-Founder and COO, BitcoinBrothers GmbH & Co. KG

15:15 – 15:45
Afternoon Break
15:45 – 16:30

Bitcoin in the Cloud

This enlightening talk will cover the application of mining in a world where virtualization is becoming the standard.

Benjamin Gorlick, COO,

16:30 – 17:15

Bitcoin Facts & Figures. What Does the Blockchain Tell Us?

Bitcoin is more than a exponential curve on a stock chart. Bitcoin is a disruptive technology which has the potential to change eCommerce in a way never seen before. In this session, we will talk about the Blockchain and the history, current state und future of central KPIs. We’ll also take a look into the Bitcoin future and make some predictions about what we can expect in the next year.

Christian Kammler, Founder,

17:15 – 18:00

CyberSecurity in CryptoCurrency

As crypto currency becomes more and more relevant there is a need for companies dealing in this space to have an insurance product that properly mitigates this risk. In this discussion we will talk about insurance products available to the BitCoin market as well as what security measures need to be put inlace in order to qualify for this insurance.
Furthermore, we will discuss how securing the proper and necessary insurance can lead to wider public acceptance of BitCoin and CryptoCurrency as a whole.

Benji Markoff, CEO & Founder, Founder Shield

18:00 – 18:30

Case Study: How to protect BitCoin Exchanges from DDoS Attacks

When up-time equals revenue, taking down a competitor’s website can be very valuable. Unlike Hacktivists, with generally short attention spans, or regular cybercriminals who usually give up when faced with adequate protection, these well-funded attacks persist over time, and employ multiple, sophisticated vectors. This session will review a real case study defending against one of the largest, most sophisticated and persistent DDoS attacks. These include: Networking Capacity, Client Classification, Whitelisting/Blacklisting/Crowdsourcing, Challenge mechanisms, Anomaly detection and the secret sauce… The case study is presented by Incapsula, a subsidiary of the data security company Imperva (NYSE:IMPV). Incapsula offers a cloud-based solution that enables online businesses of all sizes to enjoy enterprise-grade website security, performance and availability. Thousands of businesses worldwide – including numerous major Bitcoin exchanges, online Gaming and Trading companies – use Incapsula’s service to secure and accelerate their websites and web applications.

Nir Halutzy, Account Executive, Incapsula

18:30 – 19:30
End Day 1

Day 2 – February 13, 2014

Registration / Welcome Coffee

Opening Keynote:

Using Bitcoin for Decentralized Trading

Exchanges for crypto stocks, bonds and trading are being shut down all over the world due to hacking and issues with regulators. The answer is more decentralization to empower people! The presentation is intended to show decentralized trading of bitcoins using an implementation of the Master Protocol which uses the Bitcoin network for transaction processing, transaction history and security. The session will cover the rapidly developing technology options for trading bitcoins directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. Included will be a general vision for smart properties, user currencies and distributed exchange on the Bitcoin network, as well as new opportunities in developing distributed applications.

09:30 – 10:15

Mining for the Future: What Bitcoin Businesses Need to Know

In a future where bitcoin is popular and pervasive, bitcoin mining is about much more than mining for profit. There are many facets of bitcoin mining that not only high volume, large bitcoin businesses need to consider, but the small and medium businesses as well. Bitcoin mining will affect nearly everyone in some fashion, even if you have no interest in mining yourself. This discussion centers around what you need to know for your business in the brave new bitcoin world.

Josh Zerlan, Operations Manager, Butterfly Labs

10:15 – 10:45
Morning Coffee Break
10:45 – 11:30

Emerging Issues in Regulatory Compliance and Law Enforcement Efforts

Join us for an incisive discussion and analysis of the latest events in regulatory compliance and law enforcement efforts directed at Bitcoin. What are regulators and law enforcement officials focused on? What is happening internationally on these fronts? What is the significance of these trends?

Brian Klein, Partner, Baker Marquart LLP Deborah Thoren-Peden, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

11:30 – 12:15

How to Win in the Bitcoin Exchange Ecosystem

There is a sizeable group of FinTech entrepreneurs launching bitcoin exchanges right now. However, the business purpose of a bitcoin exchange is actually different than many people currently believe. For those who view an exchange simply as a place to buy and sell bitcoin, this will be an important presentation. There’s still money to be made in the bitcoin exchange ecosystem, and we’ll pinpoint where the opportunity lies. We’ll also look at businesses that will work closely with bitcoin exchanges to understand what ancillary opportunities exist in the space.

Jaron Lukasiewicz, Chief Executive Officer, Coinsetter

12:15 – 13:00

Shaping the Future with Bitcoin

We’ve heard plenty about what Bitcoin is and how to acquire it but what else should we know? This highly informative session will explore the various applications for Bitcoin and examine how Bitcoin is poised to proufoundly change a spectrum of major industries.

Eric Benz, Director of International Operations, GoCoin Hans Henrik H. Heming, Interim CEO, BIPS

13:00 – 14:00
Lunch Break

Sponsored by Coinnext
Sponsored by Coinnext

14:00 – 14:45

Gold 2.0. The VC Take on Bitcoin

Considering the recent gold rush surrounding peer-to-peer currency Bitcoin, it’s little surprise that some of Silicon Valley’s best-known venture firms are starting to place real bets on the crypto-currency. Join us for a highly informative and revealing discussion as veteran VCs with a real stake in some of the top Bitcoin start-ups shed light on what it takes to succeed. What investments are winning in this environment, and what can these industry watchers tell us about what’s coming next for the Bitcoin market? If you are an entrepreneur or a start-up, this is a session you can’t afford to miss!

Michael Terpin, Co-Founder und CEO, BitAngels and SocialRadius Speaker:
Matthew G. Roszak, Bitcoin Venture Investor, Co-Founder, SilkRoad Equity Calvin Soh, CCO, Humint and Founder, Ninety Nine Percent Tuur Demeester, Author P. Bart Stephens, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Stephens Investment Management, LLC (SIM) Pamir Gelenbe, Partner, Hummingbird

14:45 – 15:15

History of the Internet’s Killer App — And What it Means for Bitcoin

This session provides an analysis detailing the recent history of the Internet and the resulting „killer“ applications as they enabled the wealth of information we now know as the world wide web today. The discussion will specifically highlight insights from Silicon Valley along with paradigms of what investors may be seeking and historical trends to help frame the required innovations to create Bitcoin’s „killer“ app

Scott Robinson, Bitcoin Lead, Plug and Play Tech Center

15:15 – 15:45
Coffee Break
15:45 – 16:15

Bringing Innovation to Financial Services

This talk will cover why financial services as we know them today lack innovation along with what problems are associated with the innovation gap of today’s financial services.  We will also delve into how digital currencies like Bitcoin can facilitate a major step forward to innovation in financial services. Areas where Bitcoin already started to disrupt financial services and a peek into the financial world of the future are all part of the discussion.

Radoslav Albrecht, CEO & Founder,

16:15 – 17:00

Bitcoin in the Music Industry and Beyond

How will Bitcoin, a decentralized peer-to-peer payment solution, affect the future of a dying industry? In this talk the GoldSilverBitcoin CEO details the ways in which the music industry could be changed for the better, but only if the musicians choose to adapt.

Justin O’Connell, Author, Bitcoinomics, CEO, GoldSilverBitcoin

17:00 – 18:00

Moving Bitcoin Forward: Bringing Trust, Legitimacy and Transparency to the Market

Even as bitcoin continues to play a larger role in mainstream culture, plenty of skepticism remains.  Going forward, what are the challenges facing the bitcoin community as it attempts to bring trust, transparency and legitimacy to the burgeoning bitcoin market? This panel will discuss the path forward for bitcoin adoption.

Ashok Misra, CISSP, Chair, CNP Payment Forum and Founder, Alina Consultants Speaker:
Brock Pierce, Managing Director, Crypto Currency Partners Johann Barbie, Co-founder, 37Coins Lutz Auffenberg, Attorney, WINHELLER Attorneys at Law and Tax Advisors Jesse Heaslip, CEO,

Conference End